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  Xybella is an industrial automation company delivering solutions for system integrators, machine builders, OEM manufacturers and end-users. We cover a broad range of industries including industrial processes, machine-building, high speed manufacturing, batch systems and continuous control systems. 

Looking for some help?

  • Designing a new system based on PLC, HMI or SCADA
  • Modifying existing equipment
  • Fault finding on machinery or process plant

If you need:

  • To smooth out variations in workload, try Xybella's flexible PLC SCADA programming service
  • Extra programming or software engineering resource as your existing staff are overloaded
  • Short term technical support
  • Additional expertise to complement your in-house team
  • Technical recommendations on the best software path to follow
  • Short or long-term help choose the duration to suit, a day, a week, a month we are totally flexible.

Our highly professional and flexible personnel can help you deliver projects from concept to commissioning. Xybella's in-depth capability and  vastly experienced team are a proven winning combination.

PLC Programmer

PLC SCADA developer / programmer



Allen Bradley


Rockwell Automation





Our software programmers

Industrial software engineer
Our industrial software engineers are able to configure control equipment from a range of manufacturers to produce a working solution i.e. PLC, HMI or SCADA, drives, sensors and the control networks.

PLC systems
These consist of electronic hardware to control and monitor digital/analogue inputs and outputs. They can be single standalone units or multiple controller networked systems.

PLC programmer
Our PLC programmers can write PLC code using a range of programming language editors; Ladder (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Sequential Function Chart (SFC) and Structured Text (ST).

Xybella's PLC programmers use the following:-

Siemens - Step 7 / Step 5

Manu Range Programming software CPU Range
Simatic S7 Step 7, TIA Portal S7 300, S7 400
Siemens Simatic S7 TIA Portal S7 1200
Siemens Simatic S7 Step 7 Microwin S7 200
Siemens Simatic S5 Step 5 S5 95, S5 100, S5 115, S5 135, S5 155


Allen Bradley/Rockwell Automation - RSLogix 5000 / RSLogix 500 / RSLogix 5

Allen Bradley
Logix 5000 RSLogix 5000 ControlLogix, GuardLogix, CompactLogix, Compact GuardLogix, FlexLogix
Allen Bradley MicroLogix RSLogix 500 1000, 1100, 1200, 1400, 1500
Allen Bradley SLC 500 RSLogix 500 SLC 500, SLC 5/01, SLC 5/02, SLC 5/03, SLC 5/04, SLC 5/05
Allen Bradley PLC5 RSLogix 5 PLC 5/10, PLC 5/11, PLC 5/15, PLC 5/25, PLC 5/20, PLC 5/30, PLC 5/40, PLC 5/60


Omron - CX programmer / Syswin


CS series

CX One,
CX programmer
Omron CJ series
CX One,
CX programmer
CJ1W, CJ1G, CJ1M, CJ1, CJ2


CP1 series
CX One,
CX programmer
Omron CPM series
CX One,
CX programmer
Omron CQM series
Syswin CQM1H
Omron CV series
Syswin CVM1, CV
Omron C200H series
Syswin C200HX, C200HG, C200HE, C200


Mitsubishi - MEDOC/ GX Developer / GX IEC Developer / GXWorks2

Mitsubishi System Q GXWorks2,
GX IEC Developer, GX Developer
Q00J, Q00, Q01, Q02, Q02H, Q06H, Q12H, Q25H, Q172 Q173
Mitsubishi A series GX IEC Developer, GX Developer

AnS Series CPU's:
QnAS Series CPU's:

Mitsubishi FX Series GXWorks2, GX IEC Developer, GX Developer FX1S, FX1N, FX2N, FX2NC, FX3U, FX3UC


Schneider Telemecanique Modicon PL7 / Concept / Unipro

Schneider Telemecanique Modicon
Quantum UnityPro, Concept, Proworx32 140 CPU 112, 213,424, 434
Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Momentum Concept, Proworx32 171 CCC 700, 960, 980 CCS 760,780
Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Premium UnityPro, Concept, PL7 P57 104, 204, 304, 103, 153, 203
Schneider Telemecanique Modicon M340 UnityPro BMX P34 1000, 2010, 2020, 2030
Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Micro PL7, Modsoft, Proworx32 TSX 37 05/08, TSX 37 10
Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Twido PL7, Modsoft, Twidosuite TWDLCA, TWDLMDA
Schneider Telemecanique Modicon 984 Compact, 984 800 series Modsoft, Proworx32 CPU120, 38x, 8x, 685, 785


Our software engineers


SCADA systems
These consist of PCs containing software screens and configuration to control and monitor machinery, processes and equipment. They can be single standalone units or multiple networked systems.

SCADA programmer
Our SCADA programmers can design applications to control equipment, acquire data and produce reports. A SCADA programmer is able to write logic using a scripting language and design an interface to a database; such as Microsoft SQL Server.

Xybella's SCADA programmers configure the following:

Manu Range

Intouch, System Platform, Archestra
Industrial application Server (IAS)

General Electric Intelligent Platforms (GE IP)

FIX32, Proficy iFIX, Proficy Cimplicity


RSView32, RSView SE, FTView SE



Vijeo Look, Vijeo Citect


HMI systems

Xybella's HMI programmers configure the following:

Manu Software Hardware

WinCC Flexible

Simatic OP , KP , TP , MP, TD , KTP, PP

RSView ME,

Panelview 550 (PV 550) , Panelview 600 (PV 600), Panelview Plus 600 (PV Plus 600) , Panelview Plus 900 (PVPlus 900) , PanelviewPlus 1000 (PVPlus 1000) , Panelview Plus V6 (PVPlus V6) , Versaview


CX Designer,
CX One

NQ family, NS family, Omron Sysmac One (NSJ Family), DyalaX, NT family,

Mitsubishi E Designer

Beijer E150, Beijer E500, Beijer E700, Beijer E1000 series

Schneider Telemecanique

Vijeo Designer

Magelis XBT, Magelis Compact iPC, Magelis iDisplay, Panelmate, Factorymate


PLC SCADA developers

Our PLC SCADA developers bring both PLC and SCADA know-how to a project. This can provide substantial benefits by:

  • Reducing costs (One engineer's time versus two)
  • Improving quality (Single programmer is able to maintain the software knowledge of both systems without having to document and communicate it to other engineers)
  • Reducing development time (No time is wasted communicating cross references)



Schneider Telemecanique MODICON


Intelligent Platforms





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