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Xybella supplies the following expertise:

Allen Bradley programmers

An Allen Bradley programmer has a good understanding of automation software across the whole range of Allen Bradley / Rockwell equipment. This includes; PLCs, HMIs, SCADA systems and Motion control.

Allen Bradley software engineer (System integration)
An Allen Bradley software engineer is able to configure all the Allen Bradley range of control equipment to produce a working solution i.e. PLC, HMI or SCADA, drives, sensors and the control networks ControlNet, DeviceNet, EtherNet, DH+ and DH485.

Allen Bradley PLC programmer (Control know-how)
An Allen Bradley PLC programmer can write PLC code using RSLogix Micro, RSLogix 500, RSlogix 5, RSLogix 5000.

Allen Bradley software / Rockwell automation software / Rockwell software

Allen Bradley RSLogix 500 / RSLogix Micro programmers
RSLogix 500 & RSLogix Micro are compliant with IEC 61131 and provide a ladder programming environment for SLC and MicroLogix equipment.

Allen Bradley RSLogix 5 programmers
RSLogix 5 is compliant with IEC 61131 and provides a ladder programming environment for PLC 5 equipment.

Allen Bradley RSLogix 5000 programmers
RSLogix 5000
is compliant with IEC 61131 and has a range of programming language editors; Ladder (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Sequential Function Chart (SFC) and Structured Text (ST).

The programmer also has knowledge of how to control equipment such as motors, valves and electrical solenoids together with an understanding of how to read analogue values and interpret digital signals.

Allen Bradley PLC engineer (Hardware expert)
An Allen Bradley PLC engineer may design and specify all the PLC hardware required to interface to the equipment under control.

Allen Bradley PLC Family

Allen Bradley PLC/Rockwell Automation PLC Range

  PLC range name Product Code Comms Ports I/O Card system Programming software
ControlLogix 1756 Serial Rack based RSLogix 5000
(Tag based)
LargeGuardLogix GuardLogix 1756-xxxS Serial Rack based RSLogix 5000
(Tag based)
CompactLogix 1769 Serial Interlocking cards

RSLogix 5000
(Tag based)

Compact GuardLogix
Compact GuardLogix 1768 Serial Interlocking cards

RSLogix 5000
(Tag based)

Small FlexLogix 1797 Serial Interlocking cards RSLogix 5000
(Tag based)


MicroLogix 1761, 1762, 1763, 1764, 1766 Serial Fixed I/O with optional interlocking cards

RSLogix 500 (Address based)
RSLogix Micro (Address based)


SLC 500 1747 Serial or DH485 Rack based RSLogix 500 (Address based)


PLC 5 1785 Serial Rack based RSLogix 5
(Address based)



Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC programmers
The ControlLogix has the fastest communications update rate, largest memory and highest I/O capacity of the Logix 5000 range. Its programs can control whole automation areas. Multiple programmers are able to write code concurrently while online to a single PLC. Typical applications include batch control, complex machinery and process control.

GuardLogix Allen Bradley GuardLogix PLC programmers
The GuardLogix system uses the same chassis as the ControlLogix system but provides a safety certified environment to program the logic for safety related equipment. The PLC may also control non-safety equipment so provides a useful solution for many applications.


Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC programmers
The CompactLogix is ideal for standalone machines and processes. The memory sizes and processors have been continuously developed over the years and, together with its many communications processors, it provides a powerful solution for many applications.
Compact GuardLogix Allen Bradley Compact GuardLogix PLC programmers
The Compact GuardLogix uses the CompactLogix IO but provides a safety certified environment to program the logic for safety related equipment. The PLC may also control non-safety equipment so provides a useful solution for mid-range applications.

Allen Bradley FlexLogix programmers
The FlexLogix has a very small footprint, ideal where control panel space is at a premium. These PLCs are programmed using RSLogix 5000 which is a tag based programming environment.
Allen Bradley MicroLogix programmers
The MicroLogix is an ideal solution for applications where the I/O is relatively low . The MicroLogix PLC's may be programmed using the RSLogix 500 or RSLogix Micro software.


Allen Bradley SLC, SLC 500 Allen Bradley, Allen Bradley SLC500 programmers
Many of the applications which were once performed by the SLC are now implemented using the CompactLogix. The installed base of SLC equipment is high (approx. 1.6 million) so the programming and configuration knowledge will still be needed for some time to come.


Allen Bradley PLC5 programmers
The PLC 5 range began in 1985 and has been used historically to control large plant areas in the same way as ControlLogix does now. Their large footprint and complex configuration mean that there will be few new projects. However, their high reliability, MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) is greater than 400,000 hours, meaning that they will continue in service for many years to come.


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