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Pharmaceutical manufacture

Project 1: We programmed and commissioned Siemens S7-300 and S7-400 (PLC) and created machine mimic screens on the Siemens OP25 and Bartec (HMI)

Project 2: From P&ID, we created a mimic panel using Intellution Fix (SCADA) and a control system using an Allen Bradley PLC5 (PLC) and Data Acquisition system with a Visual Basic program. Temperature control was achieved using PID loops.


  1. PLC Software had to be S88 batch compliant.

  2. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) required all software changes and modifications to be recorded, time stamped and to validate the development process.


  1. We implemented standard PLC programming blocks to connect to the phase logic interface (PLI) of the iBatch batch control system.

  2. By consistent project management and careful control of the validation process we delivered a totally compliant control system. Module testing, Pre-FAT, FAT, SAT,IQ, OQ were all included in the scope of the project.





Power production

The project involved the design of a control system using Siemens S7-300(PLC) and WinCC Flexible(HMI) to allow the controlled startup and shutdown of electricity production on a ship.


The communications to onboard SCADA control system involved highly complex algorithms to enable safe reliable communications.


We developed standard programming blocks which provided a highly flexible and dependable configuration for communications.

Power production Marine



Aggregates production

We designed and commissioned a capacity increase for a Cement Aggregate site. The control system was based on an Allen Bradley SLC 500 (PLC), RSView(SCADA) and a Visual Basic program (BATCH) to control a recipe system. The system was tested and approved by the customer on site.


The software had been written over many years by several different programmers and was therefore totally inconsistent and poorly documented.


We created a flow diagram of the software to build understanding and added documentation to large sections of the PLC software.




Label rewinders

The project involved the design of a new reel to reel label rewinder and the refurbishment and updating of several older machines.


The machine had to drive the label web at 100 metres per minute while verifying the label quality by inspecting a 3.2mm hole.


By providing a tightly controlled web path and high-speed photo sensors, we successfully produced a system to inspect the label hole. Control and stopping accuracy was achieved using high speed controllers from Siemens S7 and Mitsubishi FX series(PLC).



Label converter


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