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Xybella's capability is built upon extensive practical experience, acquired through hands-on applications in industry. Our engineering team creates internationally accepted drawings using current best practice. Whether it is piping & instrumentation diagrams (P&ID’s) to ISO/ISA standards or wiring diagrams to EN/JIC standards, all contain a consistently high level of documentation and accuracy.

Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram






We provide turnkey control panels, motor starter panels and motor control centres. We give you total peace of mind by managing the whole process; specification, design, manufacture and testing right through to commissioning. We provide a flexible approach to panel design where we can use your specifications or our in house standards. We add to this our experience of exceeding the minimum levels of safety specified by national and international standards. Whether it is a bus bar system, a star delta motor starter or VF drive, we design and build high quality panels.


Electrical panels

Electrical panels



PLCs & controllers

Whether a system requires a programmable logic controller (PLC), temperature controller or flow controller, our vastly experienced team has a large portfolio of well-tested solutions to apply.

Xybella designers have a great deal of experience and expertise in implementing a wide variety of PLC’s including:

Siemens S7 - 1990s
  • Siemens Logo
  • Siemens S7 200
  • Siemens S7 300
  • Siemens S7 400
  • Siemens S7 1200

Siemens legacy PLCs
Siemens S5 series - 1985
  • Siemens S5 100
  • Siemens S5 115
  • Siemens S5 135
  • Siemens S5 155

Allen Bradley
  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix - 1998
  • Allen Bradley GuardLogix
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix
  • Allen Bradley Compact GuardLogix
  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix- 1994

Allen Bradley legacy PLCs
  • Allen Bradley FlexLogix
  • Allen Bradley SLC 500 - 1991
  • Allen Bradley PLC 5 - 1986
  • Allen Bradley PLC 3 - 1981
  • Allen Bradley PLC 2 - 1978
  • Mitsubishi Q series - 2002
  • Mitsubishi System Q - 2002
  • Mitsubishi FX series

Mitsubsihi Legacy PLCs
  • Mitsubishi A series - 1985

  • Omron CP series - 2005
  • Omron CPM series
  • Omron CJ series - 2001
  • Omron CS series - 1999

Omron legacy PLCs
  • Omron Alpha - 1996
  • Omron CQM - 1993
  • Omron CV family - 1991
  • Omron K family - 1988
  • Omron C200H - 1987
  • Omron V8 - 1978
  • Omron M1R - 1973

Schneider Telemecanique Modicon
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Quantum - 1994
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Momentum
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Premium
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon M340
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Micro
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Twido

Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Legacy PLCs
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon 984 Compact
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon 984 800 series - 1986
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon 284 /384 - 1975
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon 184 - 1973
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon 084 - 1969




Programmable Logic controlers PLCs

Programmable logic controllers PLC's

Flow control valve

Flow controlled valve


Process control

Selecting process control systems involves specialist knowledge of principles and techniques.

Process controllers often use PID or fuzzy logic to bring a process into a stable and accurate state. Tuning these controllers involves an understanding of both the control mechanisms response and the characteristics of process measurement i.e. level, pressure, weight, temperature, flow, turbidity, pH etc.

If you have a process control requirement we offer you the chance to use the latest techniques to maximise your throughput and reduce your scrap/waste levels.


P and ID

Piping & Instrumentation diagram (P&ID)


Drives and motion control

The choice of drive technology grows ever larger, whether it is DC or VF drives, servo or stepper systems. At one time it was quite simple to define which applications required which technology. Now however, some of the drive systems offer similar performance. Selecting, sizing and configuring the technology is often key to high quality automation solutions. Typical applications include:

  • Equipment requiring regular changeovers i.e. size or product or product change
  • Replacing mechanical drives system with motion controlled system
  • High accuracy material web control

Whatever your requirement, Xybella provides fast cost effective solutions to deliver major benefits such as lower life cycle costs and greater flexibility.


o SerMotion Controllers

Motion controllers


Industrial Networking

Transmitting control signals and receiving process data is vitally important to many systems whether it is to and from instruments, controllers or databases. The selection of appropriate technology, its configuration and start-up can have enormous repercussions on upfront and ongoing costs. Ask us, the experts, about which networking solution is best for your application. We cover networks from the factory floor to enterprise level LANs including redundant and deterministic systems.

Safety Networks
  • ASi Safe
  • DeviceNet Safe
  • Profibus Safe
  • CC-Link Safety

  • Siemens - AS-Interface (ASi)
  • Siemens - Profibus PA
  • Allen Bradley - DeviceNet
  • Mitsubishi - CC-Link
  • Modicon - Modbus
  • Telemecanique - UniTelway
  • Omron CompoNet

Control Networks
  • Rockwell - ControlNet
  • Siemens - Profibus DP
  • Mitsubishi - MELSECNET/H
  • Modicon - Modbus Plus
  • Telemecanique - Interbus
  • Omron SYSMAC Link
  • CAN

Information and Control Networks
  • Ethernet
  • Omron Controller Link


Industrial comms network

Typical network in manufacturing sector



The choice of instrumentation is often critical to the smooth running of process plant. Whether it is a transducer, sensor or transmitter located in a clean room, hazardous area or exposed to the weather, we select the very latest technology appropriate for the application. Our engineering team is also highly experienced in time critical processes often found on machines.




Level probes Flowmeter
Level detector and flowmeter



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