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PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

Today’s complex industrial environments require unprecedented technical knowledge. Xybella’s industrial software solutions are modular, tried and tested. This provides both simple and powerful solutions to industries toughest requirements.

We design the full range of systems covering the smallest PLC application to a multi-site management information system.The power of the PLC has progressed to such a degree that tasks once considered only possible by distributed control systems (DCS), such as highly complex networks in production lines and process systems, are now practical with PLCs and at a fraction of the cost.

Structured programming
When PLCs were first introduced, most programming involved a single large section of code. As the controllers became more powerful, it became possible to divide programs into smaller more manageable sections i.e. programs started to have structure.

Object orientated programming
Programming larger systems requires a new approach. By basing the programming structure on objects (equipment or function), software may be developed faster and is considered to be potentially more reliable.

i.e. Palletiser, Conveyor 1, Conveyor 2 or Comm's to HMI, Comm's from HMI, Comm's to remote PLC

PLC programming

PLC programming may be split into two distinct types; 1. Address based 2. Tag based

Address based PLCs
Each PLC has a fixed list of pre-allocated address types. The following are examples of these fixed address types e.g. Siemens S7 "M1.0" binary , Allen Bradley SLC 500 "N7:5" - Integer. Comments and documentation must be added to the address to describe its function.

Tag based PLCs
This system requires the programmer to enter the name of the tag and allocate a data type to it. For example, in an Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC a tag name may entered as "RotationTime". Then, its type is allocated as " TIMER". Care has to be taken in tag naming. Tag length should generally be kept to a minimum but not at the cost of loosing its meaning. The tag name itself can be sufficient documentation.

Xybella's PLC programmers have a great deal of experience and expertise using software from the major manufacturers. The following list some of the PLCs and their dates of origin:

Siemens S7 - 1990s
  • Siemens Logo
  • Siemens S7 200
  • Siemens S7 300
  • Siemens S7 400
  • Siemens S7 1200

Siemens legacy PLCs
Siemens S5 series - 1985
  • Siemens S5 100
  • Siemens S5 115
  • Siemens S5 135
  • Siemens S5 155

Allen Bradley
  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix - 1998
  • Allen Bradley GuardLogix
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix
  • Allen Bradley Compact GuardLogix
  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix- 1994

Allen Bradley legacy PLCs
  • Allen Bradley FlexLogix
  • Allen Bradley SLC 500 - 1991
  • Allen Bradley PLC 5 - 1986
  • Allen Bradley PLC 3 - 1981
  • Allen Bradley PLC 2 - 1978
  • Mitsubishi Q series - 2002
  • Mitsubishi System Q - 2002
  • Mitsubishi FX series

Mitsubishi Legacy PLCs
  • Mitsubishi A series - 1985

  • Omron CP series - 2005
  • Omron CPM series
  • Omron CJ series - 2001
  • Omron CS series - 1999

Omron legacy PLCs
  • Omron Alpha - 1996
  • Omron CQM - 1993
  • Omron CV family - 1991
  • Omron K family - 1988
  • Omron C200H - 1987
  • Omron V8 - 1978
  • Omron M1R - 1973

Schneider Telemecanique Modicon
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Quantum - 1994
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Momentum
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Premium
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon M340
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Micro
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Twido

Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Legacy PLCs
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon 984 Compact
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon 984 800 series - 1986
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon 284 /384 - 1975
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon 184 - 1973
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon 084 - 1969



SLC 500 Ladder

Allen Bradley SLC500 PLC programmer
Ladder Programming


S7 200 STL

Siemens S7 200 PLC programmer
STL programming


Top left: Mitsubishi FX PLC programmer
Top right: Siemens S7 PLC programmer
Centre: Siemens S5 PLC programmer
Bottom left: Allen Bradley SLC500 PLC programmer
Bottom right: Mitsubishi A Series PLC programmer


PLC developers/programmers

Xybella engineers are experienced on the following PLC programming software:

  • Siemens Step 7 (S7)
  • Siemens Totally Integrated Automation
    (TIA Portal)
  • Siemens Step 5 (S5)

  • Mitsubishi Medoc
  • Mitsubishi GX Developer
  • Mitsubishi GX IEC Developer
  • Mitsubishi GX Works2
Allen Bradley
  • Allen Bradley Rockwell RSLogix 5
  • Allen Bradley Rockwell RSLogix 500
  • Allen Bradley Rockwell RSLogix 5000

  • Omron CX One
  • Omron CX Programmer


Schneider Telemecanique Modicon
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Modsoft
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon ProWORX
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon Concept
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon PL7
  • Schneider Telemecanique Modicon UnityPro










Rockwell Automation



SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

Having the latest information quickly and in the format required is critical to business, whether it relates to production rates, process efficiencies or material stock levels. Most of this type of data is stored in a database such as Oracle. Often, manufacturing databases are connected to production planning and many other management tasks.

SCADA developers/programmers

Xybella’s SCADA programmers have in depth knowledge of the following systems:

  • Wonderware Intouch SCADA
  • Wonderware Integrated Application Server (IAS)
  • Wonderware Historian
  • Wonderware System Platform
  • Wonderware ArchestrA
  • Wonderware Information server
  • Wonderware IndustrialSQL

  • Siemens WinCC/Win CC Flexible Micro
  • Siemens WinCC/Win CC Flexible Basic
  • Siemens WinCC/Win CC Flexible Advanced
  • Siemens WinCC/Win CC SCADA

  • Schneider Vijeo Citect SCADA
  • Schneider Vijeo Look SCADA
  • Schneider Vijeo Historian
  • Schneider Ampla

General Electric Intelligent Platforms (GE IP)
  • GE IP Intellution Fix32
  • GE IP Intellution Proficy HMI SCADA iFix
  • GE IP Proficy HMI SCADA Cimplicity
  • GE IP Proficy Historian
Rockwell Automation
  • Rockwell RSView32 SCADA
  • Rockwell RSView SE SCADA
  • Rockwell FTView/ FactoryTalkView SE SCADA

  • Tascomp Prodigy SCADA
ARC Informatique
  • ARC Informatique PCVue SCADA

SCADA systems

SCADA systems can be divided into 3 key areas:

  • Control
  • Data acquisition
  • Reporting

Designing and implementing architecture best suited to the application is an extremely important requirement. Often reliable control of processes is critical and can require the implementation of hot backup or redundant systems. Xybella brings together multi-skilled teams to select the appropriate technology for each application. Providing a friendly and simple user interface for operators to control equipment is an important aspect of systems design. Software mimics provide a highly flexible environment by using graphics and controls to represent complex processes. Xybella's approach is to look at the whole automation environment to help you select the best solution. You will be impressed by Xybella’s expertise.

Data acquisition
Each piece of data from the field equipment must be individually identified, processed and saved into the real time database. Deciding on which pieces of data should be recorded is often a complex process. Xybella engineers are experienced in selecting the most useful data to provide the highest value to our customers. Whether it is for statistical process control (SPC) or process reliability calculations, we can advise you on the best data to use.

SCADA system acquires large amounts of data so how to format and present it in the friendliest fashion is critical to the success of the system. Xybella’s team have successfully delivered a large number of systems by working together with our customers to define reporting requirements. We understand fully that reporting requirements often evolve, so we give this area high priority to allow the fastest solutions.


GE IP Intellution Proficy iFix SCADA programmer
Process mimic

SCADA programming

SCADA programming for logic is usually either Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) or a scripting language unique to the SCADA. As a general rule of thumb, logic programming should be avoided as much as possible i.e. implement as much of the SCADA configuration in the standard built-in objects, tick boxes and functions without resorting to scripting. Clearly, scripting is required in many circumstances, so good clear documentation, with comments and highlights of complex or unusual code, makes the logic maintainable for the long term.

VBA usually uses an object model unique to the SCADA to read and write to their tags.

PLC and SCADA systems

This represents the combination of the two technologies PLC and SCADA to deliver automation and control to process, factory automation, packaging and many other automation applications.

PLC SCADA developers

Our PLC SCADA developers bring both PLC and SCADA know-how to a project. This can provide substantial benefits by:

  • Reducing costs (One engineer's time versus two)
  • Improving quality (Single programmer is able to maintain the software knowledge of both systems without having to document and communicate it to other engineers)
  • Reducing development time (No time is wasted communicating cross references)






Wonderware Intouch SCADA developer / programmer
SCADA script



Wonderware Intouch SCADA developer/ programmer
Process Mimic















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Intouch SCADA, Wonderware software engineer, Wonderware Intouch software engineer, Intouch software engineer Wonderware IAS software engineer, Wonderware System Platform software engineer. Wonderware programmer, Wonderware Intouch programmer, Intouch programmer Wonderware IAS programmer, Wonderware System Platform programmer, Wonderware Archestra software programmer, Wonderware Archestra programmer, Wonderware Archestra software engineer.
WinCC SCADA, SCADA Win CC, Siemens WinCC programmer, Siemens WinCC software engineer.
Schneider Citect programmer, Vijeo Citect programmer, Vijeo Look programmer, Schneider Citect software engineer, Vijeo Citect software engineer, Vijeo Look software engineer.
Fix32 SCADA, iFix SCADA, Cimplicity SCADA, Intellution Fix32 programmer, GE IP iFix programmer, GE IP Cimplicity programmer, Intellution Fix32 software engineer, GE IP iFix software engineer, GE IP Cimplicity software engineer.
RSView 32 SCADA, RSView32 SCADA, RSViewSE SCADA, RSView SE SCADA, FTViewSE SCADA, FTView SE SCADA, Rockwell RSView32 programmer, Allen Bradley RSView32 programmer, Rockwell RSView programmer, Rockwell FTView programmer, Rockwell RSView32 software engineer, Allen Bradley RSView32 software engineer, Rockwell RSView software engineer, Rockwell FTView software engineer.
Tascomp Prodigy programmer, Tascomp Prodigy software engineer.

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