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Allen Bradley / Rockwell Automation



Schneider Telemecanique

HMI Systems (Human Machine Interfaces)

Operator displays provide the means to display status and to control equipment. They vary from a simple text display and pushbuttons showing status and alarm information to large screen displays representing mimics of process plant and historical trends of process data (temperature, pressure etc.).The dividing line between operator panels and full SCADA systems continues to blur with the ever-advancing technology and cost reductions.

Some HMI's are able to route information or programming to other sources.

HMI Programming software:

Siemens HMI programmer
  • Siemens WinCC Flexible
  • Siemens Protool
  • Siemens HMI software inside TIA portal

Rockwell Allen Bradley HMI programmer
  • Rockwell Automation RSView ME
  • Rockwell Automation FTView ME
  • Rockwell Automation Panelbuilder

Omron HMI programmer
  • Omron CX One
  • Omron CX Designer

Mitsubishi HMI programmer
  • Mitsubishi E Designer

Schneider Telemecanique HMI programmer
  • Schneider Telemecanique Vijeo Designer

Typical HMI hardware:

Siemens HMIs / Simatic panels

  • Siemens Key Panels
    • Siemens Simatic HMI KP8/KP8F
    • Siemens Simatic PP7/PP17
  • Siemens Basic Panels
    • Siemens Simatic KP300
    • Siemens Simatic KTP400 Basic mono
    • Siemens Simatic KTP600 Basic mono
    • Siemens Simatic KTP600 Basic color
    • Siemens Simatic KTP1000 Basic color
    • Siemens Simatic TP1500 Basic color
  • Siemens Comfort Panels
    • Siemens Simatic KTP400 Comfort
    • Siemens Simatic KP400 Comfort
    • Siemens Simatic TP700 Comfort
    • Siemens Simatic KP700 Comfort
    • Siemens Simatic TP900 Comfort
    • Siemens Simatic KP900 Comfort
    • Siemens Simatic TP1200 Comfort
    • Siemens Simatic KP1200 Comfort
  • Siemens Mobile Panels
    • Series 170
    • Series 270
  • Siemens Micros Panels
    • Siemens Simatic TD200
    • Siemens Simatic TD400C
    • Siemens Simatic OP73micro
    • Siemens Simatic TP 177micro
  • Siemens panels
    • Siemens Simatic Series 70, OP73, OP77A,OP77B
    • Siemens Simatic Series 170, TP177A, TP177B, OP177B
    • Siemens Simatic Series 270, TP277, OP277
  • Siemens Multi Panels
    • Siemens Simatic Series 170, MP177
    • Siemens Simatic Series 270, MP277
    • Siemens Simatic Series 370, MP377
  • Siemens Thin Clients
    • Siemens Simatic MP277

Siemens Legacy HMI's
  • Siemens Series 20, OP 27
  • Siemens Series 30, OP37
  • Siemens Series 170, TP170B
  • Siemens Series 270, MP270

Allen Bradley HMIs
  • Allen Bradley Panelview 600
  • Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 600
  • Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 900
  • Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 1000
  • Allan Bradley Panelview Plus V6
  • Allen Bradley Versaview 1000P

Allen Bradley legacy HMI
  • Allen Bradley Panelview 550

Omron HMIs
  • Omron NQ family
  • Omron NS family
  • Omron Sysmac One (NSJ Family)
  • Omron DyalaX
  • Omron NT family

Mitsubishi HMIs
  • Mitsubishi Beijer E150
  • Mitsubishi Beijer E500
  • Mitsubishi Beijer E700
  • Mitsubishi Beijer E1000 series

Schneider Telemecanique
  • Schneider Telemecanique Magelis XBT
  • Schneider Telemecanique Magelis Compact iPC
  • Schneider Telemecanique Magelis iDisplay
  • Schneider Telemecanique Panelmate
  • Schneider Telemecanique Factorymate


Siemens HMI OP27

Siemens HMI programmer
Siemens Simatic OP27


Siemens HMI TD200

Siemens HMI Programmer
Siemens Simatic TD200


Microsoft Visual Basic V6


Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications(VBA)

Microsoft Visual Basic .Net


Visual Basic (VB) & Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Where a custom solution is required, we have the capability to design, develop and deliver standalone applications with VB V6 and VB.Net (VB dot Net).

Many office systems use Microsoft Office as the basis for their business processes. As part of a process improvement project we have delivered a number of automation options using VBA.

iFix, WinCC, RSView32, RSView SE, FTView SE and PCVue use VBA as their main scripting language.


Visual Basic V6


Microsoft SQL Server





Many applications require data to be organised and stored for access either via custom front-end applications or via web based solutions.

We offer databases solutions from:

SQL Server

Our applications often include the requirement for electronic records and signatures to meet FDA 21 CFR Pt11.



Relational database





Creating e-commerce solutions provides a number of benefits. Whether it is a public website, an intranet or an extranet, the chance to increase your productivity is something you should not miss. Xybella's in-depth knowledge will provide you with the perfect solution.

We offer you the opportunity to use latest the latest technology. Our experts provide simple and easy to understand solutions. The following are typical examples of technologies used for web based solutions, ask us how these can help you:

Client side Server Side
Languages Databases
Javascript PHP MS SQL Server
Cookies ASP/ASP.Net Oracle
Cold Fusion




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